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Invoice Number INV-0298
Invoice Date November 11, 2021
Due Date December 11, 2021
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Lighthouse Pointe

Lighthouse Point
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451

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1 Atrium Planter - Material and Labor

1. Remove all plants and put them in containers to be reused.
2. Remove dirt.
3. Put dirt in containers so the dirt does not get all over atrium floor.
4. Clean out all drains make sure they are flowing properly.
5. Seal planter with flexseal.
6. Install 45 ml thick pond liner.
7. Put aluminum trim around top of liner to prevent water from getting behind it.
8. Put dirt back in planter.
9. Replant all plants that are being kept.
10. Clean up all debris.
11. Wash down atrium floor

Sub Total $12,500.00
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Paid -$12,500.00
Total Due $0.00